Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Rose Pilkington

Rose Pilkington is a visual artist and motion designer. With Colour as the driving force behind her work she is interested in the profound effect it can have on people's emotions. Having written her thesis on the impact Colour can have on our designed surroundings, she continues to evolve her work from the themes and ideas discovered during her research process. Colour is the most important element in Rose's work. It's something she can't work without, the driving force in everything she does, and a constant source of inspiration. Rose is interested in the way colour makes her feel, loves the way it makes other people feel, and is interested in the effect it has on other people; how people respond and can be drawn to it. Something she always come back to is the idea of pure abstraction and colour broken down to its purest form, free of figurative representation.  

(Last updated 12.03.2018)