Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Rania Schoretsaniti

"the recent images of refugees in the Mediterranean begging for 

salvation; The visual expressions of these sentiments have incorporated references 

of the ancient hand expressions of Byzantine art, the pictorial 

movements of abstract expressionism and the monumentality of 

minimalism. All these approaches are incorporated within the framework of 

crucial contemporary (and eternal)  problem: the need to survive from the disasters 

of war.

The basic elements that I use in order to create my artistic pictures are the hands and the black color. I seek to give to the archaic representation of the hand a modern sense and aspect. Hands are creating gestures in space. The colour black is also connected to the frozen momentum of the brushstroke on the canvas surface. These two dimensions of gesturality (expression of emotions and pictorial practice) are explored in my artwork both in images placed on relief structure and in the two dimensional format."

(Last updated 03.11.2017)