Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Peter Sharp

Peter Sharp is an artist interested in the machinations of nature and how the natural world fits together. He works in a variety of media but primarily painting and drawing. He starts with drawing then dismantles and abstracts the subject to re present it in a transformative way. His work is included in numerous public collections including the National Gallery of Australia.

'As an artist I am interested in the natural world and how it fits together, its order and disorder. I also enjoy working with other creative people, as collaboration will always change the look and intent of the work.

I was very much moved by the personalities and the human aspect of life in the laboratory. These are highly creative yet cloistered people that spend their days dealing with a language and facts we cannot see or understand.'


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Insight Radical in August 2013.



1964 Sydney, Australia


MA Fine Art – COFA University of New South Wales, Sydney, 1992

BA Art Education –  City Art Institute, Sydney, 1987

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