Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Noor Qayyum


"I am a painter I was born one. Like freedom, painting is not something that can be attained but it is a birthright, and I am lucky. Mans most noble birthright is to bloom and through painting I wish to ascend. Painting is not a support to thought or a precursor it is inseparable from it. Leading up to a painting I draw but none of my paintings are solely based on these. It is important for me to create instantaneously and not have any model but only a feeling. A strike on the heart. When figures appear one by one or sometimes together I let them breath for a while before recognising who they are. Sometimes he is music and sometimes he is death. We are in a constant state of becoming and I find this state to be the driving force behind my desire."

(Last updated 03.11.2017)