Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Mary Wintour

"My work examines stylized space and the natural world.  I am interested in the relationship urbanised spaces of human habitation have with the uncultivated environment. Using a combination of collage and paint I construct landscapes from the distortion of reality and the fusion of alien landscapes. Through blurring real and imaginary, temporality and timelessness I aim to create scenes in which opposing environments come together to perform illusory experiments.

Recent work explores interior municipal space and its relationship with the outside world. In manufacturing landscapes in which the boundaries of interior and exterior space are in flux, I seek to comment on the parameters of man made space and the physical and psychological distance they generate with the natural world. The relationship humans have with nature is a developing theme within my work and I have become interested in the idea of nature as a digestible commodity."


Short listed for Griffin Art Prize 2013.



1988, London


BA (Hons) Fine Arts: Painting and Printmaking – Glasgow School of Art, 2010 Foundation Art

Foundation Year –Camberwell College of Arts, 2007


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