Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Lieve Van Meegen

All my paintings start without expectations. Whether the outcome is good or bad, or the time invested is short or long, this starting point allows me to create images that are uneasy, random, borderless and as honest as possible. In each work, my aim is to surprise myself with the final result by assembling these aspects, while the process allows me to feel like a child playing with a canvas and some paint. Although my way of working may seem rather childish, the outcome can be quite sensual. 

Paint can not be wet enough for me. And I flow together with my brush over the canvas and move the paint. It will create luscious and fat strokes. And who does not love some fat? My paintings have to invite to touch, I want to provoke curiosity with the viewer and bring them as intimate as possible in to the canvas and the moment. In the end it is like a tease, and intangible. A timeless beauty is what I’m going for. Yes, the sublime. 

(Last updated 08.10.2018)