Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Jinyong Park

"I try to get rid of contrivances in the working process, and concentrate on the present phenomena that happen to be here and now. As such, my work is studio-specific where the spatial experience in the studio is crucial that varies with ever-changing light and velocity of atmosphere within the white geometric space. I draw attention to the colours and shapes of the light coming across the architectural space of the studio, which becomes the motifs of geometric shapes. I also place importance on how the surface of the work is woven by archival gestures such as drawing, painting, sanding, and looking, in order to involve the accumulating temporality. I often work on the notebook-sized paper laid on the table with drafting tools such as sharp pencils, rulers, and bradawls, which allows me a sense of writing manuscripts with more subtlety."

(Last updated 03.11.2017)