Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

James H Robertson

James H Robertson is multi-disciplinary artist who interrogates the current socio-political economic climate via its historical roots and ideological form.

By appropriating objects, images and footage from multiple sources, Robertson re-contextualises them via slight alteration and unexpected juxtaposition to make work that call into question the effectiveness of Neoliberalism. By loading the visual language of popular culture with knowing references to economic theory, Robertson presents a critique of global governmental policy that is perceive as being the cause of recent and recurring financial crises. Branding, product proliferation and advertising strategies are manipulated to question politics, economics and capitalism.


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Young Gods in January 2014.



1985, London, UK


Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art – Royal Academy Schools, London, 2013

BA (Hons) Fine Art – Slade School of Fine Art, London, 2010

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