Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Fiona Brenninkmeyer

'During my studies the human psyche became the gravitational point for all my subjects.

My work has steered me towards random subjects that I like to explore in depth by working in series. Each subject acts as powerful metaphor
 for my personal philosophical musings and dreams about the polarities of our existence.

The chandeliers, the facades, the staircases and even the wolves are concrete anchors of our everyday world and metaphorical bridges or passages to/ from and between the internal/ external.

A sensitivity to colour and light and an emotional intensity is what I am seeking to develop as I move toward a more abstract way of working through the patterns of our existence and placing them in an art historical context. The work of the Fauves, and German Expressionists and the painters of the early twentieth century have been a source of great inspiration to me. Equally the Post war abstraction happening in St Ives and the US has always fascinated me. This process of enquiry is an exciting journey.'


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in FACK! West London Art Prize 2013 in June 2013.



Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

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