Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Elisha Enfield

'As a painter I have always felt that I am searching for something, but of what I have never been sure. The idea of the photographic image has haunted me throughout this search. Whatever I have been seeking, I know it is embedded in the world around me. Our love for likenesses of the world is key to describing it. Perhaps this is why in film I have found a source I can use. Cinema has its own reality. It is a site for the spectacular, our modern equivalent for the powers of telepathy, seances, levitation, all these reassurances that there is more. These phenomena, at the edges of vision or understanding, are never fixed or solid. There is only ever the possibility of appearance. It is translating this absence into paint that has become my preoccupation.'


Short listed for Griffin Art Prize 2014.





Art Director for TV and Film Degree – Brighton Film School, 2013

BA (Hons) - University of Brighton, 2011

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