Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Dorte Kloppenborg-Skrumsager

Dorte Kloppenborg-Skrumsager’s immaculately polished bronze sculptures ooze impossibly from their pedestals, gleaming temptations that seduce and delight. 

Dorte’s practice evolves around our search for meaning and belonging. Our fast-paced, interconnected multicultural world elevates these very existential human feelings and challenges the concept of a strong identity. Modern identities flow in and out of worlds and roles so have to adapt to be strong. Modern identities require us to be in a constant state of metamorphoses. That causes an ironic and conflicting situation for our sense of self and feeling of belonging. For us to come within reach of authenticity we need to find truth and strength in the adaptable and changeable nature of our fluid identifies rather than to be intimidated by it. This notion of fluidity is a recurring theme in Dorte’s art and so is the concept of reflection.

Reflection influences our identity and engagement in the world. Dorte brings a sense of self-reflection into her work through the size, surface, form and materials that she uses. The highly polished bronze confronts the viewer with their reflected self many times on many different shapes and formats. The contrast between the bronze with raw natural materials such as wood to reflects the importance of the relationship between the human search for identity and the natural world.


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in In The End We Are All Alone in March 2016.



1966, Denmark


Educated at Chelsea College of Art

BA Hons Fine Art

MRBS Royal British Society of Sculptors

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