Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Anna Liber Lewis

"I paint from life, from imagination and from memory. Each painting comes from an encounter. I am interested in this moment, when something shifts: a metamorphosis that happens sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally; manifested in behaviour, body language and visual signs, a shape shifting. My painting is often concerned with ideas around female sexuality, challenging the image of woman, created historically by men. The paintings shift between what is seen and what is felt. They morph between the act of looking and the manifestation of a sensation, be that flirtatious glances, desire or defiance. Tension hides in the space between us: in the looking, not touching. Many spaces are at play and each of these spaces is left to vibrate in the truth and untruth of things. Oscillating between subjectivity and objectivity, ambivalence is the driving force, moving in and out of abstraction."



Anna Liber Lewis - It's Nice That

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